Progressive Die Stamping

Prosna has been supplying high quality progressive die stamping components to U.S. and European customers for over 50 years. We already have long term working relationships with numerous progressive die shops around the globe, especially with respected low cost shops in China, India, and Taiwan.

Multiple stage metal stampings, also referred to as progressive die stamping, have a shape so complex it requires several different die impressions to obtain the final shape. As the stamping press moves up, the dies opens. As the stamping press moves down, the die closes. The metal material moves through the die, being feed into and through the die with a precise amount of movement with each stroke of the press. This precise movement assures the parts alignment with the next stage of the die. The progressive die can modify the material in several ways to create multifaceted shapes.

Off shore sourcing of your stamping components will permit you to not only save on the unit cost of the parts, but also offers a substantial savings on the initial die cost.

Prosna has already established strong long term relationships with many qualified stamping shops. Contact us today, and let our off shore sourcing experience work for you.