Aluminum Sand Castings

Aluminum sand castings, a  process  that is an easy and economical method to create basic part shape. The advantages to this process is the cost savings to achieve the basic part shape, and the flexibility in the size of sand castings. Sand castings can be less than one pound to several tons. Another advantage to off shore sourcing for these components is not only will you save on the cost of the casting, but also on the cost of the secondary machining and finishing.

The disadvantage to this production method is the accuracy of the castings. The dimensional accuracy is not as good as other casting methods, and the parts will have a rough surface finish (300-560 RMS). This is why most sand castings will need additional processing to be completed.


  • Simple & inexpensive tooling (patterns)
  • Fast & easy to produce
  • Flexibility in size & weight, can cast parts up to several tons


  • Can only produce basic shapes
  • Can not hold tight dimensional accuracy
  • Rough as cast surface finish

We have been out sourcing precision OEM parts, including aluminum sand castings, for over 50 years. Prosna already has strong long term relationships with several proven off shore foundries. Let our global experience work for you, and begin enjoying the benefits of a global supply chain strategy.