Stainless Steel Investment Casting

A stainless steel investment casting is a very good candidate for off shore sourcing. Investment castings are labor intensive and labor represents the primary savings in off shore production. Investment casting, precision investment casting, also known as “lost wax casting” is a very efficient process to manufacture intricate and metallurgical accurate parts. Parts made by this method are more expensive than parts made by other casting methods because it is such a labor intensive process.

Stainless steel and carbon steel alloys are the most common materials used for investment castings. However, investment castings can also be made with aluminum, brass, and other alloys. This process will produce a near net shape part. This produces a visually attractive part that will need very little secondary machining or finishing to complete.

The investment casting process can produce a near net shape part, visually attractive, that will need very little, if any, secondary machining or finishing to complete. The lack of large secondary machining operations also reduces the gross material needed to acquire a finished net part.

Normal cast linear tolerances are +/-.005/in, with a surface finish of 125 RMS standard.

All of our foundries do however have all of the secondary machining and finishing capabilities needed to provide a completely finished OEM component.

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