Zinc Die Castings

Zinc die castings from Prosna, offer an excellent economic value. Zinc is one of the most versatile of the die casting alloys. Zinc alloy has a high ductility, high impact strength, and easily plated.  The die casting process allows for rapid production of ten of thousands of complex, thin wall, light weight, and dimensional accurate parts with intricate details.  Zinc die castings also have a broad range of physical and mechanical properties.

Zinc Die Castings offer the following advantages:

  •   Complex shaped components with thin walls
  •   Excellent physical and mechanical properties, including excellent tensile strength
  •  Corrosion resistant
  •  Due to low melt temperatures, longer die life
  •  Excellent as-cast cosmetic finish

Prosna can provide completely finished zinc components, including all secondary operations, such as drilling, tapping, machining, and finishing.

Zinc die castings are used in a very wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Some of the more typical uses for zinc die castings are  the electronics industry, hand and power tools, lighting components, plumping fixtures, sporting goods, toys, and the auto industry.

Remember, an effective global sourcing strategy will allow you to concentrate on the in-house production of parts that are best suited for your manufacturing abilities, and to re-source those parts that are not currently cost effective.

Contact Prosna today and let our years of experience and off shore contacts work to provide you with high quality – low cost zinc die castings.