Fine Blanking

Fine Blanking (or fineblanking) is a specialized method of stamping which produces parts with very tight tolerances and a clean smooth edge. This means that parts manufactured by the fine blanking process will have a a machined like edge and high dimensional accuracy. Fine blanking will also obtain a flatness that is almost impossible to achieve with conventional metal stamping. This means that this process can produce a finished part in a single step, or at least a blank that will require fewer secondary operations.

It should be noted that the initial tooling cost will be higher than traditional metal stamping. Also,  a fine blanking die will require more maintenance, due to the tight tolerances needed, which will result in severe tool wear. The fine blanking process is slightly slower than  traditional stamping processes. The positive is an efficiently produced smooth edge part in a  single step, by a highly skilled, but low cost, off shore labor force.

Most ferrous and non-ferrous metallic materials can be fine blanked.


  • Excellent dimensional accuracy
  • Excellent part flatness
  • Straight finished edge, often equal to what can be obtained by machining
  • Little need for secondary operations

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