Die Forging

Prosna specializes in the global out sourcing of custom designed OEM, high quality, precision die forgings. Prosna can provide die forgings (also called drop forgings) in aluminum, brass, iron, steel, stainless steel and high temperature alloys.

Prosna has already identified and has long term working relationships with numerous forging shops around the globe, especially with respected low cost shops in China, India, and Taiwan. Unlike a manufacturer’s representative, we are not limited to one or two suppliers. Prosna works with dozens of highly regarded forging shops. This manufacturing depth gives us a wide range of manufacturing capabilities. In addition to the forging capabilities, all of the shops have cnc machining and finishing facilities. Remember, the major savings with off shore parts is the labor. It is always more economical to obtain completely finished forgings, rather than raw forged parts. Obtaining finished components also eliminates any possible issues on arrival with voids or inclusions.

We have been supplying high quality die forgings to U.S. and European manufacturing companies for over 50 years. We already have the experience and strong long term relationships needed to assure the success of your production projects.

Prosna supplies quality off shore drop forgings by both the cold forged and hot forged process.

  • Low Cost – High Quality Die Forging
  • Forged – Machined – Finished
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