Magnesium Die Castings

Magnesium die castings provide an efficient and economical method, due to the excellent flow characteristics, to obtain visually attractive magnesium components. The magnesium die casting process can produce a wide range of complex strong shapes with thin walls, light weight, dimensional accurate parts with very close tolerances. These parts will require little or no secondary operations to complete the components.

Magnesium alloys are significantly lighter weight then other alloys. Magnesium is 75% lighter than steel and 33% lighter than aluminum. This is a major factor in the expanding use of magnesium  alloy components in engineering applications where weight is significant. Magnesium components also have higher strength and better thermal conductivity than plastics. Magnesium alloys offer greater corrosion resistance and are better suited to large, thin wall net complex shape die castings. Magnesium die castings also have better energy impact resistance than aluminum. Magnesium die castings can also be easily painted using a powder coating process.


  • Light Weight
  • Low Density
  • Good High Temperature Mechanical Properties
  • Good to Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Contact Prosna today, and enjoy high quality – low cost completely finished, including secondary machining (if needed) and surface finishing, magnesium die castings for your commercial and industrial requirements.