Aluminum Die Castings

The aluminum die casting process provides the fastest and most economical method to manufacture strong, light weight, complex shaped components in large quantities. Die castings can be used in a wide range of environments in both commercial and industrial applications, especially where weight savings is important.

Aluminum die castings are an excellent choice for off shore production. The initial tooling investment can be very expensive. However, this upfront tooling cost will yield a significant reduction in the unit cost of the finished parts. Therefore, low cost off shore labor can not only reduce your individual part cost, but significantly reduce the cost of the tooling.


  • Cost effective components with tight tolerances and good finishing characteristics
  • Strong lightweight components with complex shapes and thin walls
  • Little, if any, secondary machining needed to complete the components
  • Corrosion resistance with excellent thermal conductivity
  • Easily plated, anodized, powder coated, or painted


  • Standard tolerances of +/- ,010″ for the first inch and +/-.002″ each additional inch
  • Typical surface finish of Ra 63 ~125 micro-inch as cast
  • Minimum draft = .5 degrees
  • Minimum wall thickness = .030″

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